Straight Talk Wireless demographics

Few years back the technology of telecommunications, information technology and the media were independent sectors that operated independently of each other; however with convergent technologies all three sectors are being merged together. The impact of convergence of technologies in our daily like is best exemplified with Straight Talk deals, which comes with multiple features like voice calling, texting, and internet and e-mail access, audio and video conferencing, GPS and many more in a small compact device with so many features.

The convergences of technologies are playing a vital role in the social development and national economic of every nation across the globe. The technology convergence has enabled emergence of new market players providing consumers with more options of competitive service providers and at lower communication cost. For instance, the technology that cable operators provide offers multiple services through a single cable that enables the consumers to have access to television, internet and voice calling.

The convergence of voice and data enables consumers to communicate in multiple ways like talking, texting and video streaming over a single network using, single application and a single device minimizing the cost and making it simpler and affordable. The technology paves way for the additional value-added services, efficiency, convenience and more ranges of options for comparison for consumer choices.

As competitions in the market are increasing with wide number of new service providers, established operators and different service packages, the providers are also frequently challenged to strategize their business and up gradation of their infrastructure to meet the demands and stay in the competition.

Technological Convergence experience through Straight Talk

Straight Talk network drives on convergent technology that offers multiple services at unbelievably cheap plans. It offers month-to-month wireless service sold by Walmart and supported by TracFone. TracFone holds contract with major carriers and covers 99.6% of the cellular populations in America.

Few years back after assessing the need of consumers, Straight Talk Changed wireless service forever by innovating new policy and introducing a way to get the population on America’s on best networks without the expense or commitment that comes with contract.
Since then, it has always been a mission in providing the best experience at an amazing price.

Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits. Their upfront price of $45 per month comes packed unlimited minutes, data and text is by far the cheapest plan that has so much to offer.

With Straight talk you can also shop for mobile phones to with varieties of options to choose from and what’s even more best is that it allows you to port your own phone on the straight talk network if you already have a phone and does not want to purchase a new one. It also offers other products like home phones, mobile hot spots, remote alert system and car connections.