Straight Talk Saves Battery Energy

There are many studies that illustrate the benefits of long walks in full nature: it reduce stress, decrease anxiety levels and make us less prone to depression. People who love life in the open, away from the urban chaos and the power grid, will not give up its energy-hungry amenities. Straight Talk did a survey and found out that, out of the 1000 people, 451 people spends way too much time on their phones and devices, hence, they also have to pay more on their monthly phone bills. By utilizing coupons and discounts for Straight Talk, they can save even more money.

Sure, sometimes it would be appropriate to log out completely: turn off the phone, put aside notebook and tablet and enjoy at the moment, however, there are those who just cannot do without access to the web; for these people, to have 5-6 extra refills of mobile phone battery, is like manna from heaven for the Israelites in the desert.

The list of things to bring camping, for those who want to recharge your mobile phone under any circumstances, should not be missing batteries and small electric generators. Fear not, you do not have to shell out a fortune to buy these accessories. Below are some tips from Straight Talk, to help you worry less about how to charge your Smartphone at camping, beaches etc, and to enjoy your holidays more.

How to charge the cell phone to improve battery life: To make the battery life of your smartphone or devices more efficient, we recommend that you charge your mobile for total operating range from 20 to 80%. This means:

– Charge the phone before it falls below 20% of battery life and never, under any circumstances, should you leave the phone battery completely drained.
– Disconnect the phone from the charger once reached 80% without waiting for a full recharge.

– RAVPowerXtreme 18,200 mAh, this is a charger that can recharge your Smartphone completely (cell phone under review was an iPhone) 7 or 8 times. This device can recharge any mobile phone or tablet: It has three USB inputs and it is perfectly compatible with iPad, Galaxy, iPhone, iPod, HTC, LG and so on. The LCD display shows how much energy is left in the power so you never run out of charge. You can fully charge at home, before leaving, and assure a charge a day for your Smartphone. It will be fine if you are out of the house for 7 or 8 days but for longer stay, you can buy two. This product is very functional and available with different capacities. The most common one has a capacity of 10,500 mAh, and is able to ensure 4 refills to the smartphone (also in this case an iPhone has been taken into consideration).

– Dim the screen brightness.

– Don’t leave apps running in the background.

Also, Straight Talk have found that hidden away in the settings menus are usually plenty of options for disabling things like sensors or features that you never use, and more. Most of these will make a minimal impact on battery life, but combined, they can become significant. Finally, it is worth rebooting your phone from time to time, rather than leaving it in sleep mode all the time. This can sometimes cure otherwise inexplicable battery draining problems.