Straight Talk Safety Plans

Straight Talk safety plan already exists, several research areas are proposed today by the management added to the already present in the existing Plan of 2005. Update it means to make it functional to the new coverage requirements that the national law imposes without sacrificing the objectives that underlie the plan because they are all qualifying goals:

Update the 2005 Plan by studying the locations for installation of new Straight Talk Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), favoring the municipal property sites to complement the coverage plans of the territory required by the telephone operators. It should not be the managers to decide how and where to install new plants, it must be the council to decide, through a plan made taking into account primarily the safety and health of citizens

A Plan to govern the development of the Straight Talk promotional code network and prevent the proliferation wild and uncontrolled antennas which other networks follow. And optimize to the maximum, through the rational planning, the installation of new Straight Talk plants on the territory applying the principle of maximum caution to minimize the risks of the population. The objective of the Plan is to be a quality objective: to keep the electromagnetic field values ​​around 1 volt / meter, ie far below the legal limit of 6 volts / meter.

No focus on public areas for the installation of the plants, in promoting the unification of the possible limits, make a plan that contemplates the transfer of plants from private land to public areas wherever technically possible. All the resources recovered from rents shall be used to finance environmental policy projects to improve the quality of life of citizens Capannori.

And these Straight Talk revenues must be used to fund the construction of a monitoring system for detecting continuously the intensity of electromagnetic fields on plants in the area with the possibility for every citizen to control the electromagnetic field values ​​simply by connecting to the website of the common.

Preliminary update of the 2005 Plan is to provide immediate, comprehensive monitoring of the situation: complete analysis of the territory, the total number of existing and planned systems, standard configurations, radiolettriche features, power, technology, many managers on each plant . The monitoring on the current level of electromagnetic impact on the whole territory must take into account individual plant analysis but above all the whole of the network and also has to take into account all of the plants, the existing ones and those provided required by operators, and fall as forecast in the updated Plan through forward-looking calculations using radio data and configurations.

Straight Talk is on a large education campaign on the correct use of the mobile phone as it is made, especially in schools, in other European countries. We have to inform that, with a correct use of the mobile phone, very superior results are obtained in the prevention compared to that of the distance from the plants. Straight Talk being the safest network will continue to update and conclude, in the best way, a work already initiated.