Employee Straight Talk Phones

In today’s Businesses and offices, Mobile Phones have become an essential tool for daily operations as it provides mobility and availability irrespective of date and time. However, if not monitored closely, the cost can easily get out of control, putting your business or budget in a difficult position.

Providing mobile phones to employees too makes sense and usually considered as a nice perk however, it is also important to weight the pros and cons before doing so. Using employee coupons for Straight Talk, companies see massive savings. In providing such services to employees who really do not require an office mobile that will benefit the organization will be a waste of resource and can mount up unwanted bills.

Telephone Management is a primary necessity for providing voice communication among the employees and customers as per the requirement under certain set of security and privacy policies. It is important to analyze and understand the requirement of mobile phone for work related functions and ensure that the employees do not take advantage of the device and service for personal related matters.

The management plays a vital role in setting up criteria’s on usage and management of the organization’s mobile phone system by educating employees, choosing the right plan for appropriate assigned task and continually monitoring and balancing the changes in departmental and administrative needs.

With so many service providers competing in the market today, clients have multiple options to
Opt for the right plan for their offices, better service quality and budget management.
These days many business are opting for pay as you go option as it can be a lot cheaper and one need not worry over unwanted bills. Putting a limit on mobile bills is also a good tip to consider, setting a “minutes” cap can automatically alert you when a user reaches a certain limit and the individual bill can be audited.

With convergent technology making communication easier and faster and e-business growing at a larger scale, it is also important to monitor international calls. International calls are expensive regardless of any plan we choose, if such calls are required, it is always a smart option to consider the international call rates that the service providers are offering and get a tailored international plan in order to avoid extortionate bills.

Straight talk plans makes an ideal choice for mobile system management with its convenient pay as you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits. Straight talk offers variety of plans depending on your needs: they offer three 30-day service plans- the $30 all you need plan with 1500 nationwide minutes, unlimited Nationwide messages plus 100 MB of Data, the $45 unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and data and the $60 unlimited International plan with unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited message. Straight talk also offers interesting landline plans and mobile hot spots which can be used effectively in cost cutting and efficient management of office mobile system.