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Promotional Codes for Straight Talk Wireless

Here are the latest deals that Straight Talk is offering for 2016:

    – 25% off iPhones

    – 15% off Huawei phones

    – Free overnight shipping

How to find coupons and promotions for Straight Talk

Usually it takes some time to find these deals. As of late they haven’t been putting out many coupons for the year 2016. We suspect that Straight Talk is trying to get rid of all their inventory for 2015. We expect March of 2016 to be a banner month for airtime refill coupons, free shipping and other assorted deals such as the Samsung Galaxy and S6 which will be out in stores soon.


What is the fourth generation (4G) and what does it mean? Since this is an evolution of the previous one, it can expect something more and tangible improvements. But compared to the passage 2G-> 3G (and even more if 2G-> 2.5G), the Straight Talk fourth generation involves a radical and innovative change in the architecture. It is no longer “just” a matter of additional services and more bandwidth available in both download and upload, but it is rather a real “revolution”.

4G: It is essentially the migration architecture “all IP”, in which the hierarchical structures to more typical levels of the first three generations of mobile telephony give way to a network “flat” based on the Internet Protocol (IP), then since the birth of oriented packet switching technology. So much for the architecture. As for the technology, the techniques of time division multiplexing and code division multiplexing are replaced dall’Ortogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). Straight Talk 4G networks are using more frequency spectrum with data rates of several Mbps and lower operating costs are expected to fall by up to 20% per megabit than previous 3G networks.

Is 4G important?: Is it t really necessary to go to 4G? In 2009, mobile data traffic reached a volume of 1 Exabyte (1000 terabytes), but it is estimated that by 2017 can reach the remarkable figure of 1 Zettabyte (1000 Exabyte). Already, some providers are struggling to support the amount of data traffic, so the current 3G network is not sufficiently sized to meet future needs.

Straight Talk 4G technology “all-IP” is characterized by the following aspects:

“Flat” IP – Straight Talk 4G is a network based on the Internet Protocol (IP) and is flat in that it does not have the complex hierarchical structure of networks adopted by previous technologies. A smaller number of nodes, causes the network to be more simple, “flat” (flat, precisely), and the data packets can therefore travel with lower latencies. Straight Talk 4G is based on an open architecture, in perfect Internet-style. Especially at the application level, the philosophy is to establish common API that can be used globally for the creation of new applications. Google Android, for example, is a project developed by Google by following the cardinal principles of this philosophy.

Straight Talk 4G is “neutral” devices, ie mobile devices can typically access the Straight Talk 4G networks, whether Wi-Fi or WiMAX type. Straight Talk 4G is “user-driven” – in a similar way to the Web 2.0 philosophy, the user has greater control over access, creation and sharing of content, even in 4G technology users will abandon the paradigm = passive, active = provider to give greater prominence to the desires of customers. If until recently they reasoned thinking about the consumer, now you have to think about the community and the rates charged by providers will be more dynamic and competitive than at present.